Our Offer

Market Access

  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare systems in EMEA region
  • Payer research in EMEA region & outline requirements for launch
  • Identify key HTA requirements to optimize time to market
  • Benchmarking & estimating pre-launch prices for medicines across EMEA region

Health Policy

  • Onboarding and deep-dives for individuals and teams
  • Robust & reliable network of key contacts covering the whole stakeholder universe
  • Identify key policies and issues affecting a clients business
  • Develop stakeholder engagement plans linked to an organization’s objective to advance their position

Organisational Strategy

  • End-to-end project management ensuring successful implementation
  • Develop cross-departmental strategies increasing alignment
  • Identify new funding solutions increasing sales & product uptake
  • Work with extended set of stakeholder such as embassies & start-ups to increase product uptake